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Shop the Souks of Morocco

Moroccan Souk, Marrakech
Moroccan Souk, Marrakech

One Week in Morocco can be just as magical as a lengthy stay. The aroma of fresh spices sifting through the air, kebabs sizzling over an open flame, Berber carpets being unraveled at the market place, snakes in Djemaa Le Fna Square, a pot of Moroccan tea and a camel trek through the desert dunes all in just one week. Regardless of your timeframe in Morocco it’s essential to make time to shop the souks!

Visiting the local souks in Morocco is a great way to learn about traditional crafts. There are a wide variety of Moroccan goods available to those who are on a budget or are ready for a Moroccan shopping extravaganza. Shopping the Souks also is rewarding to travelers who want to have an upclose experinece with locals as the sellers have a penchant for conversation and inviting those touring a Moroccan souk in for Moroccan mint tea.

Many travelers experience just a small taste of Moroccan culture. One option is to head south to the Sahara Desert for a dream tour where you can camel trek, discover anicent kasbahs and visit the Skoura palmeraie.

Visiting Morocco is simple. Just board a plane, clutch your Royal Air Moroc ticket in in hand and take off to a Moroccan trip of a lifetime.

Travelers in Europe who don’t want to miss visiting Morocco can consdier a couple days in Casablanca or in Marrakech. There are many Casablanca tours and Marrakech tours that frequent the souks, historical sites, Moroccan monuments, Andalusian and courtyard gardens along with exotic eats.

Consider visiting the tallest minaret in the world at the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca or the Majorelle gardens in Marrakech.

What ever your choice, make sure to spend a day and or more to shop the souks and try local Moroccan cuisine. Walking through the souks is akine to going to a North African themed renaissance festival in American and suddenly realizing it’s all real and the actors aren’t going back to the suburbs in the evening. There are leopard skins, rhinoceros horns even Gucci and Prada knockoffs.

When you shop the souks of Morocco it’s difficult to not find a host of great bargains. Bartering in French can be tricky and at the end of the day our purchases were extensive, including such items as a fake rolex, a teapot, necklaces, scarves, sandals and shirts.

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