Virtual Tour of Top 8 Secret Places In Essaouira

While travel to Morocco has come to a near standstill during the coronavirus pandemic, it is possible to visit Essaouira, the country’s historical Atlantic port city with a protected 18th-century Portuguese seawall oceanfront medina. Our Essaouira Virtual Tour enables you to become an armchair traveler with the blink of an eye while exploring the Essaouira medina, its old brass cannon line walls, cafe, and popular beachfront for surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing. You may use the map of the Essaouira Medina and our Top 8 Secret Places as your guide, then click on the images for a virtual video tour

Essaouira Highlights: Top 8 Secret Places

1. Thuya Artists Cooperative – fascinating stop in the medina to watch the woodworkers in action, hand-turning the thuja wood with a lathe, and to browse an expansive range of wooden items, including inlaid work.

Skala du Port, Essaouira

2.  Skala du Port – this 18th-century historical site is part of the Essaouira port and features the ramparts from the Portuguese castle built-in 1506 to serve as a maritime transfer point.

3. Simon Attias Synagogue  – also known as the Bet Ha-Knesset Simon Attias, M’sod Attias, and Shaarei T’filah, this synagogue was built in 1882.

Khadija’s Kuzina, Essaouira Cooking Class

4. Khadija Cuisine Cooking Class – Moroccan cooking classes held inside the intimate setting of Khadija’s Essaouira home. The menu is completely customizable, can cater to any dietary needs including food allergies, vegetarian, vegan, gluten, dairy, and nut-free options.

5. Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah Museum – located inside a 19th-century mansion, this museum was named after Essaouira’s founder.

6. Mandala Cafe Society – a charming family-owned cafe serving simple healthy vegan and vegetarian brunch options like delicious Icelandic Pancakes loaded with fresh fruit or omelet with a side of avocado and salad. The cafe is one of the medina’s best people-watching spots.

7. Haim Pinto Synagogue – this historical synagogue was the former home and synagogue of Rabbi Chaim Pinto. The synagogue remains active despite Essaouria’s small Jewish population and is used as a point for travelers and exploring Morocco’s Jewish past.

8. Domaine du Val d’Argent – Morocco’s southernmost winery amassing 50 hectares. It was opened in 1994 by Charles Melia and offers vineyard tours, tastings, and lunch on traditional dishes accompanied by landscape views of the coastal countryside.

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