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Marrakech Museum Best Emerging Culture Destination Africa

The Marrakech Museum for Photography and Visual Arts (MMPVA) has been awarded the “Best Emerging Culture Destination Africa” Prize, by the Leading Culture Destination Awards 2015. The Marrakech Museum for Photography and Visual Arts has featured the work of Don McCullin, Lewis Morley, Magnum and Moroccan photographers inside its temporary home at the Badii Palace. The El Badi Palace, originally commissioned by Ahmad al-Mansur, is this progressive museums home until new construction is complete by Sir David Chipperfield in 2016.

Casablanca Port Tours

When traveling to Morocco on a cruise ship there are many escorted, port tour excursion options. Casablanca has much to offer does its sister city Rabat. The best Casablanca port tours are those that include an English, Multilingual Speaking driver who is an expert on Casablanca and can serve as your guide for the day. Cruise ships that dock in Casablanca offer a full day at leisure for travelers who want to sightsee with others on board the ship or arrange for a private, escorted tour of Casablanca on their own.