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King Mohammed VI Gives Jewish Moroccan Neighborhoods a Facelift

Jewish Neighborhoods Restored in Morocco

Morocco’s King Mohammed VI has led

King Mohammed VI of Morocco gives Jewish Moroccan neighborhoods a facelift. The restoration of  Jewish neighborhoods in Morocco has been an ongoing project of the Kingdom for the past several years. To date over 160 Jewish cemeteries have been uncovered, restored, and cleaned up. Morocco’s grand Jewish Odessy of day schools have been renovated, and the original names of Jewish neighborhoods have been returned to their original state. Other noteworthy news includes the re-opening of the Nahon 19th-century synagogue to function as a museum where Muslim students can learn about the various religious histories in Morocco.

The past few years have also shown protection for the Jewish community living in Morocco: prime minister Abdelilah Benkirane pledged in 2013 that his government would protect the Jewish community in northern Fez under the direction of the King restored the Slat al Fassiyine synagogue. As of recent, there is a plan to develop three more Jewish heritage museums similar to the El Mellah Jewish Museum in Casablanca.