Regus Sets Morocco Business Trend by Opening Co-Working Centers in Tangier, Rabat, and Casablanca.

Co-Working Centers in Morocco
Co-Working Centers in Morocco

The entrepreneurial trend in Morocco of Co-Working Centers has created many opportunities for freelancers and small businesses. During recent years, co-working spaces and business centers for traveling employees and remote workers have opened up across Morocco.

Most recently, Regus, the world’s largest provider of flexible workspace solutions opened three new centers in Morocco’s imperial cities Tangier, Rabat, and Casablanca. The three cities are considered some of the busiest in the country.

As the gateway to both Europe and Africa., Tangier was a logical addition. The Tangier Med Port was recently crowned the largest in the Mediterranean making it essential with its growing population of one million people.

Rabat is Morocco’s capital city and serves as an administrative and political hub. With over 500,000 people this Imperial City was also a logical place for co-working centers.  Casablanca though is considered Morocco’s leading financial center with the second largest port in North Africa and over 3.35 million people who are leaders in new trends.

Workspaces in these three cities will offer an extension of Regus’ business relationship with Morocco. For over two decades, Regus has served over 2000 companies in the Northern Kingdom establishing business centers. They operate out of 16. Regus serves 21 African countries. With the exception of South Africa, they conduct the most business in Morocco.

Recognizing the geographic value of Morocco, Regus plans to continue expanding. They aim to open and reach 40 centers by 2023.

Regus was founded in Belgium in 1989 serves successful entrepreneurs, individuals, and multi-billion dollar companies. Their mission is to enable people and businesses to work where, when, and how they want.

* City facts of Morocco provided by 2014 population estimate.

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