Agafay Desert Luxury Camp To Sahara Desert Stars Electronic Concert

Agafay Desert Luxury Camp

From September 27-29, 2019 the Agafay Desert Luxury Camp will host Under the Desert Stars electronic music concert. The unique event is a project by ISOTOOP Arts and Entertainment group. It aims to create “a space to dance, to experience allurement in atmospheric sound and visual art….and to connect music with the natural landscape.” These values reflect the platform’s mission to promote a sustainable culture. The one-time desert event will begin at 7pm and continue into the early morning hours. The line up of artists ranges from a mix of Moroccan and international musicians. Featured names include Karim x Malik, DJ Ario, and Ben Buitendijk.

The concert will take place in the Agafay Desert, just under an hour’s drive from Marrakech. Attendees who camp there can enjoy a mesmerizing sunset in the desert transform. Food is available for purchase at the restaurant and food trucks. Attendees are advised to bring layers of clothing. During the day, the desert temperatures are around 90 degrees and can fall to 64 degrees at night. The Agafay desert is known for its rugged mountain terrain, therefore sneakers are highly recommended.

The concert works in collaboration with the record label Tikita and Inverted Audio media and news company. Ticket prices begin at $80 for the concert; tent prices start at $235 USD per person. They can be purchased on the ISOTOOP website.

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