Bacha Coffee House Celebrates 110th Anniversary with Openings in Marrakech and Singapore

Bacha Coffee Bar
Photo By Gabriel Tichauer (DJ San Gabriel)

Marrakech, North Africa’s designated cultural capital of 2020 is the ideal city where travelers can partake in exploring Moroccan trend-setting restaurants, cafes, and culture. It is now a hotbed for designers, artists, and entrepreneurs. New to the Red City is the Bacha Coffee House, “The Grand Tradition of Real Moka” is located in the former manor of Thami El Glaoui, the Pacha of Marrakech between 1907 and 1956. El Glaoui built Dar El Bacha in the 1910s and until recently it has only been visited for its Museum of Confluences. The cafe was originally founded in Marrakech’s UNESCO certified medina in 1910, however, was closed for the past 60 years. It has now re-opened and ideal for sipping a modern-day Moka. Bacha is the ideal spot for coffee connoisseurs and interior design aficionados.

Bacha Lobby
Photo By Gabriel Tichauer (DJ San Gabriel)

The Bacha Coffee Shop is tucked elegantly into a corner of the Dar El Bacha Museum, behind the garden courtyard. Its walls showcase rows and columns of canisters displaying some of the world’s finest varieties of beans. The restaurant menu lists some of these two hundred single origins 100% Arabica coffee beans. The beans are sourced from 33 of the most consistent and well-reputed coffee-producing countries. Tanzania, Uganda, China, Honduras, Zambia, Thailand, Philippines, Brazil, and Indonesia are included on the list. Coffee specialists are trained in different flavors and bean notes to help guests match their orders with their taste preferences.

Inside the Bacha restaurant cafe, the decor aims to stun. The main room is reminiscent of a greenhouse transformed with round coffee tables, blue velvet chairs, black and white marble floors, and pronounced vases filled with tall plants. The ferns draw eyes to Bacha’s impossibly high ceilings and the second-floor balcony seating area. The main room also features a wooden coffee bar and a stunning display of gourmet pastries housed in a luxurious glass case. On each side of the lobby are horseshoe-shaped door entrances leading into more intimate coffee spaces. One room is decorated with art deco wallpaper while the other has elements of glamorous and moody black walls. Gold touches can be found in everything from the mirrors to the Parisian lighting fixtures, and to the frames encasing Moroccan artwork. There is also a centerpiece fireplace surrounded with white patterns of arabesque motifs and zellige tilework trimmings.

Bacha Coffee
Photo By Gabriel Tichauer (DJ San Gabriel)

The coffee experience is heightened with Dar El Bacha’s well-chosen serving items. Coffee is poured from an elegant golden pot and offered in porcelain coffee cups. The deserts are paired with fresh whip cream complemented by elegant flatware.

Recently Singapore’s Ion Orchard Shopping Mall announced that it will soon be opening a 30-seat Bacha Coffee Room. This will be the first international luxury coffee space for Bacha Coffee and marks a celebratory 110 years in operation. The Singapore location will be reflective of the Marrakech coffee space in Dar El Bacha. Design features will include black and white marble floors, brass chandeliers, wooden shelving, and Bacha Coffee’s signature bright oranges and indigo colors.

Dar El Bacha Museum was established in July 2015. It is managed by the National Museums Foundation.

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