Beat Hotel in Marrakech Preps for Desert Oasis Festival in Marrakech March 28th, 2019

Beat Hotel Launches in Marrakech, March 28th-31st

From March 28th-31st, the Beat Hotel is launching a 3 day festival in Marrakech’s desert oasis. The event will be set up in the 27 Acre Fellah resort. Festival goers are flying in from all regions of the globe to relive the Beat Generation days of the 1950’s when Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, Gregory Corso, Paul Bowles ruled the literary scene.

The Beat Festival is is the perfect spring event to “eat, drink and dance” alongside North African sunsets while latchign live music and experiencing Marrakech. Several leading chefs have been invited to prepare the tables. In the spirit of continuing the creative movement, there will be several literary talks, workshops with performers and artists, art classes and meditation. The festival line up includes Alexis Taylor, Awesome Tapes From Africa, Andrew Weatherall, Coco Em, and the Master Musicians of JouJouka just to name a few. Tickets to the desert oasis party start at £119. Online advance purhcase of tickets is required.

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