China Expands Investment In Morocco

China-Continues-To-Invest-In-Morocco's-Technology- Economy-and-Education-Sectors-140-MAD-Million-Agreement-Signed
China Continues To Invest In Morocco’s Technology, Economy, and Education Sectors, 140 MAD Million Agreement Signed

China expands investment in Morocco. Investment in Morocco’s Technology, Economy and Education Sectors has expanded into a 140 Million Moroccan Dirhams Agreement. In June 2016, the Moroccan governemnt officially waved the necessity for Chinese citizens to obain a vist to travel to Morocco. The increased tourism to Morocco signifcantly and led  both the Chinese and the Moroccan government to  expand  joint ventures and projects. Towards the end of 2019 a new flight will be launched that connects Casablanca to Beijing or Shanghai  Other collaborations that strengthen  ties between Morocco and China include the Belt and Road Studies Institute project, demonstrating China’s interest to invest in Morocco’s technology, economic and social development. Most recently, a 140 Million Moroccan Dirhams agreement was signed between Morocco’s minister of economy and finance, Mohamed Benchaaboun and Li Li, the ambassador of China to Morocco. These strategic decisions will enable Morocco to serve as a bridge between China and the rest of Africa.

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