Club Tesla is On a Mission to Establish Morocco’s First Electric Car Dealership in Rabat

Tesla Club Maroc in Sahara

Tesla Club founder Khalil Amar is on a mission to persuade the Tesla Car Company to establish a car dealership in Morocco. On July 15th, 2019, he took to his Twitter account and published a video showing his Tesla electric vehicle driving on autopilot in the bustling streets of Casablanca.

“ She’s good! She can drive within the hectic traffic jams and traffic rules of Casablanca. If you can drive in Casablanca, you may drive easily in Asia or anywhere else.”

Tesla Club MA is based in Rabat and gathers Tesla owners who live in and visit Morocco. It has partnered with hotels to create Tesla charging stations. It aims to accelerate sustainable transport EV. In 2017, the club succeeded in installing Morocco’s first Tesla charging station.

The club’s Facebook page also serves as an advisory board for Tesla vehicles. Among their suggestions for owners is that residents of Morocco should purchase their Tesla vehicles from the European branch in Tilburg Netherlands. Amar explains “if you bring your Tesla from the US or Canada, the plug is different and the charging options will be limited and too slow.”

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