El Jadida Celebrates Plans to Restore of 18th Century Kasbah Boulouane

Kasbah Boulaouane Valley

The city of El Jadida has many historical treasures and the Minister of Culture and Communication’s Mohamed Laaraj has recognized this. In late September 2019, Laaraj announced that a budget of 11 Million MAD would be allocated to the restoration and renovation of several monuments and historical sites in El Jadida. Among the projects is the 18th century Kasbah Boulouane built by Sultan Moulay Ismail Benchrif (1645-1727). Travelers to Morocco have described the historical fortress as having interesting remnants, being full of history, nice inscriptions, and architectures open to the Arganier valley.

“We came here from Sidi Bennour,” said one visitor, “it is spectacular to see the Kasbah in the distance as you come in by road from the dead flat farmlands, then to (suddenly) see the gorge and bend in the river with the ruins on top. You can easily spend a couple of hours wandering around and enjoying tranquil surroundings with views of the villages across the river valley. ”

In spite of its scenic surroundings and historical significance travelers to Kasbah Boulouane have commented that it is difficult to get to and not being taken care of. Furthermore, due to its lack of proper attention, it has been noted that many young people gather here, climb the mosque, play music loudly, and litter.

With the upcoming renovations, the old Kasbah, (mosque, zawiya (scared saint ground), and nearly whole castle wall will draw in more than just the brave. Currently, the ride to the kasbah is bumpy and there are deep holes in the ground. Among the areas to be updated are the walls, corridors, and the mosque.

The Minister of Culture and Communication expressed that restoring the rehabilitating Morocco’s historical sites and Kasbahs plays an important factor in the economic and social development for its host regions. In a statement about Morocco’s growing tourism, Laaraj stated that during the first three months of 2019, the Bahia Palace counted 410,141 visitors, the archaeological site of Volubilis reported 131,640, and the Chellah necropolis in Rabat saw 43,430.

The renovation of Kasbah Boulouane is part of a larger vision to connect all the historical monuments of El Jadida.

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