Essaouira Hosts Ramadan Film Series, May 13 – June 3, 2019

Essaouira Movie Series

In celebration of Ramadan from May 13th – June 3rd, Essaouira Mogador Association will host a series of weekly film screenings on religious, historical, and anthropological topics. The showings will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:30 pm. Since 1992, the Essaouira Mogador Association has strived to preserve the urban and cultural heritage of the city through the promotion of the region, strengthening local infrastructure, and encouraging support of alliances between Essaouira organizations.

In celebration of Ramadan from May 13th – June 3rd, Essaouira Mogador Association will host a series of weekly film screenings.

May 20th: Amazing Grace – Directed by Michael Apted, this 2006 British-American film is a biographical drama campaigned against the slave trade in the British Empire. The film retells John Newton’s experiences as a crewman on a slave ship and portrays him as an important influence in the abolition movement. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2006.

May 23rd: La Passion du Christ ( The Passion of Christ) – Written by Mel Gibson and Benedict Fitzgerald, La Passion du Christ is a biblical drama depicting Jesus according to the Gospels. Shot in Italy, the film covers the final hours of Jesus’ life. The film has attracted a lot of attention for being controversial. Some say it is too violent and promotes antisemitism, however, it was the 7th highest grossing film domestically at the time of its release and received three Academy Awards in 2005.

May 27th: The Last of The Mohicans – Based on James Fenimore Cooper’s 1826 novel The Last of the Mohicans: A Narrative of 1757, the film, written and directed by Michael Mann, shares the historical drama that took place during the French and Indian War.

May 30th: Le Message ( The Message) – Nominated for Best Original Score in the 50th Academy Awards, Le Message is a 1976 historical drama directed by Moustapha Akkad. The film chronicles the life of the Islamic prophet Muhammed.

June 3rd,  Mane au vent, an indomitable soul ( Running Free ) – A 2001 American film by Sergei Bodrov, Mane Au Vent is set in 1914 and speaks about the importation of horses from Germany to Namibia where they worked in the mines. The film tells the story of Lucky, a colt, adopted by Richard, an orphan boy. When the war breaks out, the city is evacuated and Lucky must learn to survive in the desert dunes.

Location: Dar Souiri – 10 rue du Caire, Essaouira

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