Friendship Between Morocco and UK Strengthened at Africa’s 8th Investment Summit

Africa 8th Investment Summit 2020, London

On Tuesday, September 17, 2019, the UK’s Middle East Minister Andrew Murrison and Trade Policy Minister Conor Burns flew to Rabat for the UK-Morocco Strategic Dialogue. Among the many things discussed were opportunities to further cement the UK’s and Morocco’s economic, political, cultural relations. “This important meeting demonstrates the depth and breadth of the friendship between the UK and Morocco, and as we prepare to leave the European Union, it’s vital we continue to work closely alongside our valued international partners,” said Mr. Murrison. “And it is more important than ever that we maintain and grow this trade partnership…and promote UK expertise in sectors like education around the world,” added Minister Burns. As a result of the meeting, the representatives proposed to explore more co-investments and to create a UK-Morocco High Commission on Education.

Also discussed was the upcoming Africa Investment Summit 2020 (AFSIC) where Morocco will be represented. It is considered the largest annual Africa investment event outside Africa. AFSIC will take place between May 5-7, 2020 in London.  It aims to highlight Africa’s most interesting investment opportunities and facilitate focused investment meetings and workshops with Africa’s important investors, dealmakers, and business leaders. For 2020, over 40 African countries, 300 speakers, and 1500+ participants are expected to attend.

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