From Cassette to Canvas, Artist Youness Miloudi Uses Recycling as Form of Art  

Youness Miloudi, Afro Kassita Moh kouyaté

Young Moroccan artist Youness Miloudi receives notoriety for his upcycling art techniques and collection. His innovative art project, Kassita, uses cassette tapes as a canvas. Each piece has 112 cassette tapes recycled from a host of musicians worldwide and is creating a positive social impact. The main theme of Kassita is a human connection.

Miloudi started Kassita in 2012. His inspiration came from childhood memories spent at his uncles’ music studio. He attended the Graduate School of Fine Arts in Casablanca where he garnered artistic skills and experience.

In 2017, Youness showed parts of Kassita in his Northern Morocco hometown Oujda. His gallery opening incorporated Moroccan musicians from the region. He then shared an updated version of Kassita again on International Women’s Day 2019, at the Morocco Mall in Casablanca. This time he incorporated how the importance of the role of women.

When asked about the main theme in his work, Yoness returns to his philosophy of bringing people together to practice sustainability. “This concept is to tell people not to discard these tapes; they are pieces of musical heritage and it isn’t good for the environment. Recycling is important and I want to spread this message“ claims Miloudi. “I want to spread the message that art is power. Art can give you a door to connect your negative thinking and turn it into something positive.”

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