Germany and Morocco Collaborate On 30 Million Euro Water Purification Project

30 Million Euro Water Desalination Project Begins in Sidi Ifni

In certain rural areas of Morocco, water is a rare commodity. Recently, a German development agency embarked on a project with the northern kingdom’s National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water (ONEE) to make drinking water more accessible. The collaboration with Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) involves a 30 million euro loan to construct a water desalination plant. The project aims to create purified drinking water for several communities between Tiznit and the Art Deco town of Sidi Infi, located 90 kilometers north of Agadir on the coast.

Germany and Morocco Collaborate On 30 Million Euro Water Purification Project.

The water treatment process will involve reverse osmosis, which can yield up to 100 liters of water per second; the goal is to expand water capacity to 200 liters per second. Other key parts of the project include the construction of two 1.5 km and 60 km pipelines that will transport the water to six coastal wells pumping seawater. The final stage will involve rehabilitating the water in Sidi Ifni.

The following 9 cities that stand to benefit from the Sidi Ifni water desalination project include Arbaa Ait Abdellah, Amine Tnine, Iminfast, Mes, Mirle, Sbouya, Tengarfa, Tioughza, ArbaaSahel, Sidi Bouabdellah, and Tnine Aglou.

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