Le Kilim, A Trendy Cafe Graces the City Streets of Gueliz, Marrakech  

Le Kilim Cafe Marrakech

Le Kilim, a trendy Moroccan cafe, now graces the city streets of Gueliz. The restaurant is owned by Kamal Laftimi and Oussama Laftimi; Kamal is the co-owner of the Marrakech medina’s hip Nomad Cafe. Le Kilim aims to bring new energy to Gueliz with its fashionable Berber Design. For the private Sunday brunch opening, Kilim invited Berlin’s DJ San Gabriel to spin. He recently played at the Oasis Festival, took to his social media account and congratulated the Kilim team. In the Turkish, Persian, and Moroccan language Kilim means a flat tapestry-woven carpet or rug traditionally produced in countries of the former Persian Empire, Iran, Azerbaijan, the Balkans and the Turkic countries of Central Asia. Kilims can be purely decorative or can function as prayer rugs. Modern kilims are popular floor-coverings in Western households.”  The restaurant’s seats and other areas are adorned with these handwoven pieces.

Similar to its sister restaurant, Nomad Cafe, Le Kilim also strives to introduce both locals and travelers to a cross-pollination of culinary delights using traditional Moroccan flavors. Moroccan dishes will be served with a focus on local, seasonal ingredients, herbs and spices found in local markets or nearby farms.

Nomad Cafe was opened by Kamal Laftimi and Sebastian de Gzell in 2014. With the help of interior designer Romain Meniere, they transformed an old carpet shop in the Rahba Lakdima spice square (Places des épices) into a popular four-story Nomad Cafe and boutique.  The core of Nomad is about Community. Nomad has featured a guest “Nomadic Chefs” program since opening to host talented chefs and offer evening three-course inventive meals.

Owner Laftimi says, “At Nomad, we feel a responsibility to be actively involved in local culture and the local community. As such we are involved with various projects: Le 18 – a Multidisciplinary Cultural Riad and 3ème Millenaire. Le 18 is at Marrakech’s forefront in the burgeoning art scene and 3ème Millenaire is an empowering women’s association working to improve the lives of local women’s social and financial standing.

Address: N° 3 Rez-de Chausee, Immeuble, Dani 36, Sis Angele Boulevard Le Liberte 

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