Marrakech’s French Institute Presents Marie Coste El Omari’s Botanical Hiking In the High Atlas

Le Haut Altas Marrakech, by Marie Coste El Omari

On Thursday 19, 2019 the Marrakech French Institute multimedia library and Marie Coste El Omari will present a reading of “Discovering the Flora of Oukaïmeden, High Atlas of Marrakech”. Coste El Omari, the  French high school teacher has lived in Morocco since 1968. She has hiked throughout many trails in the High Atlas, between Oued Zat and Oued N’fiss. Marie’s academic background in history, geography, botany, and geology inspired her to explore her natural environment when she could not find the information she sought in textbooks. Today she also integrates her discoveries and writing into her classroom teachings.

Marie’s publication is intended to assist the modern-day hiker so they can explore the various High Atlas Valleys and understand it’s landscapes, wildlife species, and plants. The book suggests hiking from the foothills of the High Atlas (1000 meters altitude) and trekking up to the 2000 meter marks. Botanist enthusiasts will enjoy the photos accompanied by the detailed scientific descriptions of the flowers.

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