Morocco Partners With EON Reality, Embarks On Technical Revolution

Morocco’s First Digital Center

A recent partnership agreement with EON Reality, a global leader in the Augmented Virtual Reality (AVR) community has positioned Morocco to begin a technological revolution. The collaboration yields the launch of Morocco’s first Interactive Digital Center, whose location will be on the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University campus in Ben Guerir, an area also known as the “Silicon Valley of Morocco.”

Morocco Partners With EON Reality, Embarks On Technical Revolution

Government involvement includes USAID, Agency for Digital Development, Mohammed V University in Rabat, the Moroccan Ministry of Industry, Investment, Trade, and Digital Economy, the Moroccan Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, along with the Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The launch of this center is intended to assist the digital evolution in Morocco’s academic, industrial and government areas. Additionally, Energy, Medical & Health, Manufacturing, Aerospace & Transportations, and Security and Defense are all sectors that have the potential to greatly benefit from AVR.

AVR can be used to support training for remote collaborations and individual use; learning can be made easier, faster, and cheaper. AVR programs are also immersive, engaging, and realistic so using tools for processes and task accuracy is made simpler and clearer.

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