Morocco Ranked World’s 2nd Best Leader in Climate Change Performance

Morocco Ranked Second Best in Climate Change

According to the Climate Change Performance Index ( CCPI), Morocco is the world’s second best leader in Climate Change Performance for 2019, Sweden is first. The announcement is a big source of accomplishment for the northern kingdom as it has moved up four places from 2018.

Morocco leads with Noor, the world’s largest solar plant in Ouarzazate.

CCPI is a tool used to track countries efforts to control climate change. The results were defined by analyzing Morocco’s contributions in the categories of GHG Emissions, Renewable Energy, Energy Use, and Climate Policy. Notably, Morocco hosts and owns Noor Solar Project in Ouarzazate, the world’s largest solar plant which representatives say “is expected to offset 240,000 [tons] of CO2 emissions a year.”

Despite the positive report, Moroccans living in both rural and urban areas are reporting significant rises in temperatures. A report published by the High Commission for Planning (HCP) on January 7, 2019, said: ” 93 percent of Moroccans noted changes in climate.”

CCPI was first published in 2005 by Germanwatch, the NewClimate Institute, and the Climate Action Network. The aim of the index is to help implement the Paris Agreement, which states countries must take concrete measures to counter climate issues.

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