Morocco to Celebrate 59th Independence Day with 50 Million Tree Campaign  

50 Million Tree Campaign, Morocco

Morocco is on the verge of making history with it’s 50 million plant-a-tree in the one-day proposal. The environmentally friendly plan is being organized by journalist, editorialist, and communication consultant Jamal-Eddine Berraoui. The social activist and editor in chief to several Moroccan Magazines like La vie économique, The Gazette of Morocco, and Challenge was inspired to initiate this project after he saw the successful activities of COP22.

In 2016, Marrakech hosted the United Nations Climate Change Conference. During the event, COP22 Commissioner-General Abdeladim Lhafi inspired nearly 37,000 volunteers to travel to the Marrakech Jbilat hiking area and plant one million trees in one day. Since the successful event, Berraoui has been crafting his idea to execute another round of planting.

So far he has attracted several private citizens as well as large stakeholders, companies, and associations to take part in this project. The campaign will launch with a “50millionsoftrees” hashtag. The project is set to be executed on November 18th, 2019, Morocco’s 59th Independence Day; this was the day that the French Protectorate ended in Morocco (1956).

The project is still waiting for local authorities to designate specific locations and public institutions for the trees to be planted. Berraoui hopes that the project will encourage a Moroccan environmental day.

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