Morocco’s Administrative Capital of Rabat Inaugurates First Photography Museum

Casablanca Photographer, Deborah Benzaquen

On January 17, 2020, Rabat inaugurated its first dedicated photography museum. The cultural project is the first action under the National Museum Foundation to incorporate more galleries into Moroccan society. The foundation also has plans to open a music museum in Tétouan and renovate another institution in Meknés.

These actions are aligned with the kingdom’s goals to spotlight Morocco’s youth and create opportunities for them to share their talents. In speaking about the project, Mehdi Qotbi, president of the National Museum Foundation explained that the photography museum is “intended for young people to express themselves…. and is a way to democratize art” for all Moroccan people.

The museum will bring together both emerging and established photographers. New generation creatives like 19-year-old Murad Fedouache will present his mobile phone collection alongside world-renown Moroccan photographers Kilito M’Hammed and Benzaquen Déborah. The museum’s theme is centered around local life, heritage, culture, and the daily processes of photographers.

The inaugural exhibition will take place over four months inside the 19th century Kasbah de Udayas. The entrance for the first fifteen days is free for all visitors.

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