Morocco’s Philharmonic Orchestra Prepares for Imperial City Concerts

Moroccan Philharmonic Orchestra

Morocco’s Philharmonic Orchestra (OPM) is starting its music season off by returning to chamber music. Chamber music is a form of classical music that is intimate in nature. It is typically composed of small groups of instruments and has been described as “the music of friends. The OPM will play three concerts that are meant to bring the audience closer for a friendlier experience with the Moroccan band. Two new instruments will be introduced: the tuba and the vibraphone. The program will include rhythms ranging from Brazilian dances to gypsy folklore of Eastern Europe. Zahra Regragui will be on the vibraphone and Fouad Ould Aicha on the tuba.

The concerts are scheduled in three Imperial Cities at 8pm during the second week of September 2019. On Tuesday, September 10, a concert will take place in Rabat at the International School Music And Dance (EIMD). On Thursday, September 12, Casablanca’s International School Music and Dance (EIMD) will host the show; and on Saturday, September 14, Marrakech’s Yves Saint Laurent Museum will introduce the orchestra.

Tickets can be purchased at various points including  Carrefour des Livres, EIMD, Flash Studio, Mohammed V National Theater, and the YSL Museum. Prices are 80 MAD ($9 USD) and free for students.

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