Museum of Moroccan Culinary Art to Open in Marrakech

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Food connoisseurs, chefs, kitchen mavens, and culinary enthusiasts visiting Marrakech in October 2019 will be delighted to know that the red city is opening a gastronomy museum. The new Museum of Moroccan Culinary Art will showcase a wide range of traditional Moroccan meals. Included in these are the legendary Friday couscous, pastilla, a variety of tagine dishes, cooked Moroccan salads, bissara, and iconic harira soup, which descends from Andalucia and is commonly used for breakfast during Ramadan.

The Museum of Moroccan Culinary Art aims to tell the history and story behind each dish and flavor. The Tangia dish, for example, is “typical of Marrakech and traditionally prepared by men. The tangia is a type of Moroccan delicacy since the contents and the of the dish (lamb) is traditionally cooked in a clay urn for 24 hours in the braziers of the wood stove of a traditional hammam. The M’koumna “Tangia with Cumin” consisting of veal shank, preserved lemon, garlic, saffron, cumin, rancid butter, and olive oil, is the one most often consumed in Marrakech. There  are in fact as many versions of Tangia as there are craftsmen in the Marrakech medina.”

The details of Museum’s public opening are yet to be released however the pre-opening party will organize on September 21, 2019. The museum will be located next to the Bahia Palace, a 19th-century mansion built with the aim of being the world’s most brilliant royal residence.

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