Rally Aïcha des Gazelle, all Female Rally Celebrates 29th Edition In Sahara Desert

29th Edition of Morocco’s Rally Des Gazelles

The 29th edition of the Rally Aïcha des Gazelles takes place in Morocco from the March 16th – 30th, 2019.

The all-female competition tests the tenacity and perseverance of competitors and symbolically demonstrates the strength of Moroccan women; in 2019 over 150 teams competed. Despite the challenges, many participants are not first-time racers.  Karima Laaroussi and Dunia Beni are two women that have competed in Rally Aïcha des Gazelles multiple times, between them both they can count 21 desert races. “We are always happy to see the country and landscape. The difficult part is staying concentrated. You always have to stay concentrated. One error can be fatal.” The competition follows a 1300 km circuit and runs from the coastline of Essaouira, down into the deep Sahara desert. Competitors are only allowed to use a map, compass and a navigational plotter – GPS, cellphones, and binoculars are not allowed.

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