Rhytmics Moroccan Electronic Collective Presents a Live Concert at The Source, Marrakech

Rhytmics Present Electronic Concert, Ourika Valley

A Techo-Electric Concert by the Moroccan underground collective Rhytmics will take place from July 27-28, 2019 at The Source Marrakech. Rhytmics was founded by DJ and producer Chaou.B in August 2015. The Casablanca native is considered a mastermind behind alternative brand parties in Morocco. His passion for electronic music developed at age thirteen. Eventually, he started blending his own style of funk, minimal, techno and groovy house. Chaou.B’s international guest roster in the past has included Suciu, Okain, Jessica Diaz, Andy Kolwes, DoubtingThomas, Franco Cinelli, Livia, Alex (Voiceless), Julian Alexander.

This event will be hosted alongside artists Jadigg and Ja:ad. The Rhytmics will perform their own beats as well as introduce underground artists. On July 27th, the Rhytmics will present Londoner Christian AB. Boss of the label London in Transmission. Boss is a key element of the ReSolute parties in New York City. The Concert will start at 4pm and last until 3am the following day. Ticket prices are 200 DH ($21 USD).

Founded by Laurent Cohen, The Source is a modern guest house stylized for travelers interested in music and wellness. The property is surrounded by gardens, has a spa and a swimming pool with panoramic views of the Atlas Mountains. Visitors have described The Source Marrakech grounds as the ultimate destination to view an African sunset.

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