Sale Radio Station Empowers Moroccan Youth

Sala Radio TV in Sale, Rabat

Sala Web Radio TV is a one-of-a-kind Moroccan community radio network based in Sale, Rabat. Established in 2014 by the Sale Future Association in partnership with the Joussaour and Morocco Alternative Forums, it holds discussions on issues concerning Sale. Topics covered include youth empowerment, sexual health (a taboo in Morocco), and other women’s issues. The radio station is run by student volunteers.

“Our programs have educational value because they deal with issues not discussed in Moroccan society,” says station program coordinator Hassan Benzalla.

The station is especially motivated to put a spotlight on the Rabat commuter town and break stereotypes about the city. Sale is often associated with crime, drugs, and a lack of infrastructure, however, the city has a multicultural history and is home to the third largest mosque in Morocco. ” I want to introduce people to a more beautiful Sale” says Benzalla.

Located just across the Bouregreg River from Morocco’s political center and capital city Rabat, Sale is often overlooked. Since 2008, Sale has been getting a makeover. New cafes and luxury residences are popping up along the Bouregreg Marina; in 2013 Sale became connected to Rabat by a modern tram; King Mohammed VI has also invested in renovating some of Sale’s souks, home to an active artisan scene.

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