Seven Vegetable Couscous Recipe with Chef Choumicha Chafa

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Seven Vegetable Couscous Recipe, Chef Choumicha Chafa

While a large portion of the world was panic buying toilet paper through Spring 2020, the North African continent was experiencing a similar movement with couscous. Morocco’s celebration of the Friday meal dates back centuries and signifies how an authentic Taste of Morocco is a cultural constant. During the start of the COVID-19, Morocco’s neighbors Tunisia and Algeria began to purchase couscous in a bulk best described as a fear-driven reaction. Fortunately, Morocco managed to offset this “fake news” and keep the staple grain off the black market.

Couscous is one of Morocco’s most revered crops. A look into the nutritional properties of couscous and its societal role makes it easy to understand why the grain is treasured and was nominated in 2019 by UNESCO to achieve world heritage status. The Berber dish is profiled as tiny durum wheat semolina grains that contain balanced levels of protein, fiber, and are rich in the essential minerals calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and traces of B and E vitamins. Furthermore, couscous is a beloved Moroccan Friday meal that brings family and friends together. It is often eaten after the midday prayer.

Over the past few years, the Magrehbi favorite has been gracing the tables of health-conscious consumers worldwide. They appreciate it as a digestion-friendly alternative to pasta or bread. Although many westerners only know couscous from its instant box method – prepared in under ten microwaveable minutes, true couscous enthusiasts understand it is a sacred dish. An authentic couscous is steamed and can take up to seven hours to simmer in a comforting broth that is finally topped with vegetables and meat. This is the most delicious and tastiest method of preparing couscous.

Below, Choumicha Chafay, of one Morocco’s most beloved Casablanca born cooking show hosts, shares her recipe for a seven vegetable couscous.


* For the broth:
* 1 kg of veal
* 3 tomatoes
* 2 onions
* 1 C. tomato puree
* 8 cl sunflower oil
* 1 C. Mixed Spices Turmeric, onion, ginger, sweet red paprika, black pepper, white pepper, coriander
* Salt
* 3 liters of water
* 120 g soaked chickpeas
* 2 small bunches of coriander
* 350 g white turnip
* 350 g yellow turnip
* 500 g carrot
* 500 g cabbage
* 500 g pumpkin
* 1 hot pepper
* For couscous:
* 750 g medium couscous
* 1 C. sunflower oil
* 1 C. salt
* 75 cl of water
* 1 C. rancid butter “Smen”

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