Sofitel Tour Blanche Casablanca to Host 3rd Edition National Junior Enterprises Conference

Junior Enterprises 2017, Four Seasons

The Sofitel Tour Blanche Casablanca will host the 3rd edition of the National Congress of Junior-Moroccan Companies on December 21, 2019. The theme of the event is Entrepreneurial Digitization Between Challenges and Opportunities for the Development of Africa. It will bring together partners, employees, and junior enterprises with the goal of developing Morocco’s young entrepreneurial movement and training future leaders.

The Confederation of Junior-Enterprises Marocaines (CJEs) has members who are currently enrolled in Morocco’s engineering, commerce, or higher education institutions. The organization operates as a real company and carries out projects for businesses in the North African kingdom. The philosophy of Junior-Enterprises is that students can develop their entrepreneurial spirit and put classroom knowledge into real practice. The students who qualify for JE are among the best students with the strongest academic profiles. This professional reputation has ensured that companies who seek outsourcing can trust the organization. The CJEM is a structure based on the model of a non-profit association.

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