Spanish Prime Minister Praises Friendship, Affirming Longterm Ties with Morocco

Straight of Gibraltar Connects Spain & Morocco

Following King Mohammed VI’s 20th Anniversary speech on July 29, 2019, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez spoke of the two countries strong friendship. “ I want to reiterate my commitment to our bilateral relations. I do it from the conviction that Spain and Morocco are more than ever, two countries united by multiple ties.”

Morocco and Spain are separated only by the Straight of Gibraltar. Visitors traveling from Spain can access Morocco via a 40-minute ferry from Spain to Tangier. In Spring 2019, the Tangier Med port was announced the largest one in the Mediterranean.

“Morocco is one of the most important partners in Spain,” the prime minister continued to say. “Morocco (is) a sister country and strategic partner of the first order. Together we share prosperity and security. We will support Morocco in its relations with the European Union and project the dynamism of the economic, social and cultural exchanges of our societies in all areas.” The importance of the country’s partnership is made evident by the fact that 15% of Morocco’s GDP is a result of exports and investments between the two countries.”

Prime Minister Sanchez visited Morocco twice in 2018. The first visit took place at the United Nations Conference on Migration in Marrakech. The second visit was an official visit in November.

Spain’s support for Morocco has extended to the negotiation of the Agricultural Agreement and the Fisheries Agreement between the European Union and Morocco. Spain played an active role in getting approved. Spain has also helped Morocco secure a 140 million euro package from the Trust Fund for Africa. The resources were used for border control.

The minister’s memo went on to explain he wants to “strengthen the Spanish presence in strategic sectors such as energy.” He also commented that the third electrical project between the two countries will be finished in a few months.

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