Tangier’s Foundation for Photography Exhibits Works of 7 Young Moroccan Photographers

Foundation For Photography, Tangier

Tangier’s Foundation for Photography Presents 7 Photographers In Nouvelles Ecritures Exhibition

The Tangier Foundation for Photography, in collaboration with the Librairie les Insolites will present “Nouvelles Ecritures” (Young Moroccan Photography) exhibition from August 17-September 30, 2019. Seven photographers from Morocco and abroad have been chosen to share their perspectives of the world.

Zakaria Aït Wakrim will show how she manipulates light and can blur perception. Céline Croze, a French-Moroccan photographer draws on her cinema and fictional writing background. Hicham Gardaf’s “landscape portraits” represent the Tangier region in abstract form. M’hammed Kilito’s work communicates the millennials position in the Moroccan community. Seif Kousmate tells the stories of sub-Saharan migrants through his immersion experience in Mont Gourougou and Mehdy Mariouch shares the survival stories of those left behind in the old Balima and Jerrada mines. Nador born Fatimazohra Serri takes the audience into her expressive Instagram diary – her collage is filled with strong images and expressive words. Each artist’s work informs, reveals, denounces, or innovates. They aim to open the eyes of the audience to what they are not seeing in society.

The Tangier based foundation is considered the first private place to promote contemporary photography in Morocco. It was established in 2018 by Françoise and Daniel Aron and considered to be Tangier’s community hub for photography conversation. It has two exhibition halls, a film laboratory and a graphic arts library. It aims to encourage creation and conversation through exhibitions on contemporary and 19th-20th-century photography.

The event can be experienced in two locations. The Foundation for Photography is open from 11 am to 5.30 pm and located at 235, Sidi Messmoudi in the Vieille Montagne (next to Villa Joséphine). The Librairie les Insolites will also have the collection available. It is located in the center of Tangier on 28, rue Khalid Ibn Oualid. It is open Monday to Saturday – from 10 am to 6 pm.

The event is curated by Marie Moignard, an art historian and journalist specializing in contemporary art and photography. She is the author of the first reference book “ A History of Moroccan Photography.” Moignard has been based in Morocco since 2013. Marie is a professor of art history at ESAAD in Casablanca and art critic for Diptyk.

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