Tremplin Festival Winners Jah Bongo and Zion Rock Bring Reggae Beats To Tangier

Jah Bongo & The Zion Rock

Jah Bongo & The Zion Rock, Ivorian-Moroccan reggae band will perform their hit tracks at Tangier’s Tabadoul Cultural Center on Saturday, September 7th at 9:00 pm. In 2015, the band came into the spotlight after winning one of Morocco’s biggest music competition, Tremplin. The Tangier based event is part of the annual April L’boulvard Festival. Although it was Jah Bongo & The Zion Rock’s first major competition, their passion for music and story won them the “fusion” category.

Originally, Jah Bongo’s band started in 2008 with a group of local friends from Yopougon, Bongo’s Ivory Coast hometown. The original group did not last however in 2010, Jah relocated to Morocco’s capital Rabat. His dream kept alive and a year later a new band re-emerged. This time as a North and West African collective. Bongo describes the band’s beginnings as a “rebirth from ashes into a Phoenix.” They had a consistent, professional, and passionate energy and their live performances were quickly embraced by the Moroccan and international community. The groups’ reggae beats are best described as colorful and layered.

Since winning Tremplin they signed their first album “Lumière” on April 28, 2017. The album is a symbol of the strength and resilience of the young artists. The album’s ten tracks talk about “spirituality, peace, solidarity, union, and love.” Its public release was at the Rabat restaurant “Le Bistro du Pietri.” The event was captured by an audience of journalists, artists, and patrons.

Band members include Jean-Eric Dally (Jah Bongo) -Lead vocal; Danielle Gouria (Sun of Afrik) and Diane Guehoue (Ruth) – Vocals; Emmanuel Ouapeu-Synth; Raiss El Mehdi (Victor)- Guitar; Atii El Affak – Guitar; Florent Doue (Flo)-Bass; Isaac Kouadio Kouame (Izek) – Battery.

The September Concert will be held at the Tabadoul Cultural Center, a versatile space designed to promote contemporary artists and cultural exchanges between Morocco, Europe and the rest of the world. Ticket prices are 60 MAD ($7 USD) for + 25 years and 20 MAD ($3 USD) for those 25 years old.

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