Art Deco Casablanca

April 1, 2009
The 1942 classic Hollywood movie Casablanca is full of romance and political espionage set against a backdrop of wartime conflict in Casablanca, Morocco. Deceit, danger, love, and betrayal are all common themes in this critically ...
May 12, 2015
Prior to the establishment of the French Protectorate in Morocco (1912-1956), Dar al Bayda, as Casablanca was then known, was a modest port of a population of around 12,000. A few years into the Protectorate, this had increased 10...
April 16, 2017
With its grand boulevards and famed historic Art Deco Architecture, Casablanca is a popular city with a cornucopia of things to see and do. Whether you are visiting Morocco on a private tour, an expat living abroad or a local loo...
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