Dar Si Said Museum

October 30, 2012
For an introduction into design and textiles one can do no better than visit the Tiskwin museum which is near the Dar Si Said in Marrakech. For a first foray into carpets and kelims there are cooperatives such as L’Ensmble des A...
December 26, 2016
Marrakech is home to several magnificent, must see Palaces located in the historic district, also referred to as the medina. When visiting Marrakech on a Private Tour to Morocco these Top Rated Palaces are historically significant...
April 29, 2019
Morocco is known for its extraordinary architecture that has historically been influenced by Moors and the Idrisi dynasty whose geometric designs and patterns were incorporated in all forms of buildings. Pre Islamization the Berb...
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Dar Si Said Museum (3)