Marrakech Souks

May 16, 2010
If you are an olive olive lover, you will find Morocco to be a paradise! All the different colors and varieties of olives are cured with different methods. The lemony greens, the succulent reds, and the pungent blacks are all done...
May 27, 2010
Step into the world of the Arabian Nights with New Line Cinema's Sex in the City 2, a fabulous wish-fulfillment movie for women, filmed in Morocco, and opening in theaters on May 28, 2010. Indeed Sex in the City has left New York ...
March 28, 2015
Marrakech is a city of light and vibrant color. From it's bustling souks to new museums and art galleries, wide Moroccan restaurants, lavish designer hotels and opulent riad gardens there is something for everyone. There's no bett...
March 9, 2016
Marrakech, a Berber city, located just outside the snow capped Atlas Mountains, has become one of the leading destinations for Morocco travelers during the past decade.
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