Moroccan Tea

February 2, 2009
Imagine wandering the maze-like souks of Marrakech, merchants are calling to you to take a look at their wares, sapphire-blue water jugs and exotic colored ceramics surround you, intricate carpets of every color, multi-colored sli...
August 28, 2010
An unusual tea house in Marrakech is nestled between the Hivernage cafés, across from the Palais de Congrés on Avenue Mohamed VI. They specialize in designer teas, which you can enjoy in designer surroundings in this Moroccan Im...
June 28, 2016
Essaouira is the perfect excuse to head southwest of Marrakech to experience a one-of-a-kind coastal town in Morocco. Laid back with a hippy vibe, windswept Essaouira, also referred to as “old Mogador,” attracts the Bohemian t...
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