March 27, 2009
Shopping in Morocco is a unique and exciting experience. No visit to Morocco would be complete without exploring the medinas (walled cities with maze-like streets) of Marrakesh, Fès and Ouarzazate  . Unlike shopping in the West,...
April 8, 2009
                The souks, or market places, in Moroccan cities often take up entire city blocks and are made up of stall after stall of goods that wind their way through the narrow alleys a...
April 11, 2009
April 12, 2009
Stuffed with almond paste, dusted with confectionery sugar and flaking with each bite, Moroccan pastries are reserved for special occasions. Cooking is regarded as an extravagant art. Large meals are prepared for births, circumcis...
April 24, 2009
Moroccan carpets are famous around the world. In the West, the tightly woven beige Berber rugs are found in most modern homes, schools and offices. Although these rugs are stain resistant their dark flecks of brown and tan do not ...
March 22, 2015
Even if your trip to Morocco is mainly centered around the major cities, it is worth getting out for a day into the countryside to see rural life. Although the majority of the Moroccan population now officially lives in urban area...
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