Morocco Ramadan Iftar Guide, Traditional Meals in Marrakech, Fes & Essaouira

Morocco Ramadan Iftar Guide 

Morocco has been expanding its offering for Ramadan Iftar (ftour) buffets over the past decade with the goal to attract travelers to experience a traditional breakfast and also cater to locals. If you’re planning to visit Morocco over Ramadan then you may wish to consider adding a Ramadan Iftar to your visit. Our Ramadan Iftar Guide offers high end and mid-range options of where you can experience a Moroccan traditional breakfast in Marrakech, Fes, and Essaouira.   

Moroccan Iftar, Celebration, Selman Hotel Marrakech

Ramadan Iftar Meal Traditions 

Ramadan is based upon the lunar calendar. During the sacred month, Muslims fast between sunrise to sunset. Just before sundown, families, and friends gather together to break the fast and enjoy a traditional Moroccan meal. The sound of ancient cannons indicates the fast can be broken and ftour (Iftar) commences. Traditionally, the meal starts with 3 dates and milk as cited in the Quran where the Prophet Mohammed would break his fast with ripe dates prior to praying; “the fruit is mentioned more than 20 times in the Quran, and they’re favored by many Muslims for tahneek, the tradition of rubbing something sweet into the mouth of a newborn” according to Spruce Eats. Ending the fast with dates also helps to restore low blood sugar after fasting all day.

The Moroccan traditional Iftar meal includes Dates, Boiled eggs, Hairira (Moroccan soup) Msemmen, homemade avocado smoothie (fresh juices), Chabakia (Ramadan cookie), Batbout (Moroccan pita bread), Sellou, Briouates, and Beghrir (Moroccan pancakes). There are many wonderful Ramadan Moroccan soups and sweets along with other delicious foods to taste.

Many Moroccans go home to their families during the month of Ramadan. Moroccans living in big cities far from their hometowns, typically enjoy their Iftar meal with their friends, colleagues, or the local community.  As all Moroccans are obliged to fast, the country’s landscape changes during the month of Ramadan, sometimes being compared to Spain where dinner is eaten late at night, however, most establishments stay open with shorter hours. 

The month of Ramadan can be quite enjoyable as many hotels, riads, and cafes organize special preset dinner or buffet style meals for ftour with some evening including music. 

Royal Mansour Ramadan Breakfast

Where to Go for a Traditional Marrakech Ramadan Iftar Breakfast

La Mamounia Hotel

Marrakech‘s world-famous La Mamamounia Hotel, where Winston Churchill had his own suite and Alfred Hitchcock wrote The Birds,  invites guests to a special ftour dinner. Until 8:15 PM, choose between a soup (harira; wheat soup; chicken chorba with vegetables), all soups are served with eggs, dates, chebakia, sellou, and a bread basket with condiments. For the entree, choose between tagines with sardines, lamb brains, or marinated lamb with chicken skewers. The meal ends with fresh juice and coffee. 410 MAD.
Address: Avenue Bab Jdid، Marrakech 40040 Phone: 05243-88600

Royal Mansour Palace

Sharing ftour at the Royal Mansour palace is one of a kind experience. It was chosen by the BBC as one of the most extraordinary hotels in the world and was built by King Mohammed VI in 2010 to showcase Morocco’s lineage of design, craft and luxury service. The legendary palace hotel invites guests to break the fast at La Table restaurant. Chef Jérôme Videau and his team designed a Ramadan menu intended to take you through the history and culture of traditional Moroccan life. 550 MAD per person, free for children under 10 years old. Address: Rue Abou Abbas El Sebti، 40000 Phone: 052980-8080

Imperial Tower at the Sofitel Marrakech

Hivernage’s Sofitel Marrakech promises a memorable traditional ftour buffet, designed by Chef Ahmed Ed Defaa. Book your reservations at L’orangerie. 400 DH per person.  Address: Quartier de، Rue Haroun Errachid, Marrakech 40000 Phone: 05244-25600

The Fountain of Fairmont Royal Palm Marrakech

Dominated by impressive views of the Atlas Mountains, The Fairmont Royal Palm Marrakech, is an illuminating place to have your ftour breakfast. This year’s ftour will be held at the Moroccan restaurant Al Ain, amidst Andalusian music. The breakfast includes savory appetizers, harira soup, a wide choice of tajines, assorted bread, a range of fresh fruit. Price: 400 MAD (drinks included) and 50% off for children under 12 years. Address: Km 12 Route D’Amizmiz، 40000 Phone: 05244-87800

Selman Hotel 

Located at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, there is hardly a more elegant place to enjoy your Ramadan ftour. During the holy month, ftour will be available to enjoy until 9 pm at the Assyl Restaurant. A buffet featuring a combination of Moroccan dishes, Lebanese specialties. a sushi bar and oyster bar can be enjoyed. Lftour often includes a private Arabian Nights Fantasia Horse show. Call in advance to see if it is offered. 550 per person (250 MAD for children under 12). Address: Km5 Route d’Amizmiz، Marrakesh 40160 Phone: 05244-59600

Selman Hotel, Moroccan Iftar Breakfast

Pullman Mazagan Royal Golf and Spa

The Pullman Mazagan Royal Golf and Spa is organizing its Ftour amidst musical entertainment. Enjoy Moroccan delicacies, a barbecue of meat or seafood, traditional soups, bread baskets, and a fresh fruit bar. The property is known for a lively atmosphere. Price: 300 MAD per person.
Address: KM6 Route de Fes, Marrakesh 40060 Phone: 0525-071000

MOD Marrakech

MOD Marrakech is a 1993 Milano Inspired Italian restaurant set in Hivernage. For Ramadan,  Executive Chef Francesco Montano is serving up a traditional Moroccan F’tour menu mixed with the flavors of Italy. 350 MAD per person. Address: Villa Yvette Lotissement l’Hivernage، Marrakesh 40000 Phone: 05244-37045

Four Seasons Marrakech

The luxury garden property is serving a memorable traditional Moroccan Ftour breakfast in a friendly atmosphere with live music. 390 MAD per person. Address: Avenue de la Ménara, Marrakesh Phone: 05243-59200

Mandarin Oriental

The Mandarin Oriental is offering guests a unique opportunity to use it’s luxury pool and gym before they breakfast. The ftour pass includes the facilities and a ftour breakfast at Mes’Lalla restaurant. Watch the sunset and enjoy almond milk with orange blossom, Majhoul dates, quail eggs, soups, a tagine dish, duck shawarma with spices, a selection of Lebanese mezze and, a gourmet sweets buffet.  680 MAD per person; 480 MAD per person without a pool. Address: Route Golf Royal, Marrakech 40000 Phone: 05242-98888

Cafe Clock Marrakech

Located in the Kasbah, the cultural cafe is serving a traditional Moroccan buffet style ftour for 75 MAD. Opened in 2006 by Mike Richardson, the cafe has other locations in Fes and Chefchaouen.
Address: Derb Chtouka, Marrakech, 40000 Phone: 05243-78367

Ayaso Cafe

Bio cafe and health food shop Ayaso is serving an all natural ftour breakfast. Harira soup, dates, Moroccan bread, fruit. quiche, salad, Moroccan sweets, and juice are all on the menu. Price 90 MAD.
Address: 6 Boulevard Mohamed Zerktouni، Marrakesh 40000 Phone: 05244-34145

Gaia Cafe

Marrakech’s Bio Cafe Gaia is celebrating Ramadan 2019 with a 100% organic F’tour Menu. For a price of 95 MAD per person, fresh juice of choice, mint tea or coffee, soup of the day, seasonal fruits, eggs of choice, and the daily special are included. Advance reservations preferred.
Address: 100 Rue Mohammed el Beqal, Marrakech 40000 Phone: 05244-38118


Cafe Clock Iftar, Fes & Marrakech

Fes Ramadan Iftar – Where to Go for a Traditional Breakfast 

Riad Al Amine

Riad Al Amine Fes, located at the foot of the Blue Gate, will be serving a ftour menu which includes harira or vegetable Soup, Moroccan spring rolls, dates, traditional pastry and pancakes, and 2 beverages of choice (juices, coffee or tea)  210 MAD per person or complimentary for overnight guests.
Address: 94-96 Bouajjara, Derb Bab Jdid, Fes 30000 Phone: 05357-40749

Paul Fes

Situated in the new medina near the Marriot Hotel, Cafe Paul is serving a ftour Formula this Ramadan. Included in the menu are harira, dates, a basket of bread, 2 mini sandwiches, an orange juice, cafe au lait, and water. 120 MAD. Address: Avenue Allal Ben Abdellah, Fès, Maroc Phone: 05356-26334

Cafe Clock Fes

Located at the foot of the Blue Gate, Cafe Clock Fes, is a cultural crossroad for travelers and locals. The establishment is serving a buffet style ftour for 75 MAD. Included in the price are bisara and harira soups, eggs, mini-pastilla (flavors change daily), kefta tajine, Fassi salads, sweet briouats with honey, dates, smoothies, and milkshakes. Cafe Clock has another location in the Marrakech Kasbah and the Blue Pearl of Morocco, Chefchaouen.
Address: 7 Derb el Magana, Fes Phone: 05356-37855

Darori Resto

From May 6th to June 5th Darori Resto is serving up their special ftour menu for Ramadan. The meal begins with a traditional Fassie Harira soup accompanied by egg; chebakia, a Moroccan pastry resembling a rose made from strips of dough; dates from Rissani; for the entree, choose between Chicken Pastilla or Tagine with lamb, beef, chicken, or vegetarian; finish with a fresh squeezed orange juice. 215 MAD. Open between 6-11 pm.
Address: Place، N°2 Derb Sayour، Fes 30200 Phone: 0618-453738

Palais Amani  

During the month of May, the Eden Restaurant at Palais Amani will be offering two ftour menu options served from 20h, after the staff has broken their own fast. For 280 MAD per person the hearty menu includes Harira Vegetable Soup or White Harira Semolina, dates, dried figs, chebbakia, sellou (roasted flour mixed with butter, honey, almonds, sesame); honey briouates; plain msemen with khlii, baghrir, crèpes; boiled eggs, omelettes with khlii  (preserved meat with cumin, garlic, and coriander; a selection of briouates (fresh cheese, vegetable or chicken); stuffed batbout, mini pizza, kefta tajine, fish tajine or chicken brochettes; and a choice of 2 beverages: orange or strawberry juice, warm milk, Orange Blossom flavored milk, coffee or tea. For dessert try a yogurt or fruit basket. The 200 MAD alternatives are served without a tagine. Address: 12 Derb El Miter، Fes 30000 Phone: 05356-33209

L’Ambre at Riad Fes 

Riad Fes is Relais & Chateaux member and its private restaurant, L’Ambre, is hidden from the busy medina streets of the Fes Medina. The riad is a favorite dining choice for its elegant relaxed atmosphere and live Moroccan music. During the month of May, ftour will be served at 7 and 8 pm slots. The menu includes eggs, a croissant, crepes,  harira soup, a tagine with eggs and dried beef, a dried pastry, and two beverages. 380 MAD per person. Advance reservations required. Address: 5 Derb Zerbtana, Fès 30110 Phone: 05357-41206

L’Amandier, Palais Faraj Ftour Fes

L’Amandier, Palais Faraj 

L’Amandier is well appointed on the third floor of the luxury boutique hotel, Palais Faraj. The restaurant boasts some of the most stunning views of the ancient Fes Medina. Ftour buffet-style breakfast is served daily one hour after the call of the prayer. Visitors can eat indoors or outside on the terrace. The menu includes the famous chorba with pigeon, harira soup with chebakia and dates; Viennese pastries, brioche, raisin bread, chocolate bread, baghir with honey and sweet Mssemen beurs, and sellou with almonds. Buttercream, homemade jams, and Atlas honey served are the perfect sweet spreads for Moroccan bread. Savory foods are small pizzas and quiches, eggs with tuna cove, and an assortment of Moroccan salads – zaalouk, tektouka, baquala, grilled vegetables, and briouat. For entrees, pastilla with vegetables or seafood, tajines on kanoun, khliaa – meat confit with eggs; Moroccan fish; Kefta with tomatoes or lamb. Desserts include fresh-cut fruits, fruit juice, iced tea, infusions, mint tea and teas, mineral waters with lemon. 220 MAD per person. Address: Derb Ziat, Fes Phone: 05356-35356

Hotel Sahrai 

During the month of Ramadan, The 5-star Hotel Sahrai in Fes will be serving a ftour buffet in its traditional Moroccan restaurant ( 380 MAD per person) and a healthier detox style tapas Les Delices Du Ramadan, in their’ Jungle Social Club ( 360 MAD per person). The meals are orchestrated by Chez Mezguelidi. The hotel was designed by Christophe Pillet to mirror the architecture of the UNESCO world heritage medina and is characterized by a blend of contemporary and Moroccan style. Enjoy your ftour with views of the medina.
Address: Dhar El Mehraz, 30 000، Fes Phone: 05359-40332

Marriott Hotel Fes  

Between the hours of 7:30- 9pm, the Marriott Hotel Fes is serving an elaborate ftour buffet. The table will include a range of traditional Moroccan and Fassie salads, harira and bisara soups, a range of tagine dishes, traditional Moroccan sweets, fruits, and a variety of flatbreads, pancakes, and other Moroccan specialties. 300 MAD. Address: 8 Rue Ahmed Chaouki, Fès 30000 Phone: 05359-47250


Ramadan Iftar, Heure Bleue Palais, Essaouira

Essaouira Ramadan Iftar – Where to Go for a Traditional Breakfast 

Le Cosy

Located on the corner of Place Hassan and Skala Street Le Cosy Cafe invites guests to enjoy ftour in their recently renovated French Moroccan inspired restaurant; traditional Moroccan dishes will be served. Reservations highly recommended. 90 MAD per person.
Address: Place Moulay Hassan Mogador, Essaouira, Morocco 44000 Phone: 061188697

Platinum City & Friends Cafe

For Ramadan, Platinum City invites its clients to enjoy a traditional Moroccan ftour with international touches. There are two menu options (harira, chebakya, dates, 2 slices of pizza, fruit juice, and bread) 70 MAD; for the very hungry, a Kefta meal can be added 100 MAD.
Address: Résidence jawharate mogador Essaouira 44000 Phone: 05247-85091

Salon Oriental, Heure Bleue Palais  

Heure Bleue Palais, a Relais & Chateaux member, and Green Key certified property, is serving ftour in their luxury seaside hotel. Their ground floor dining room, Salon Oriental has been described as a scene out of Africa. For a set menu price of 350 MAD per person, you can enjoy a buffet of Harira soup, dates, briouat, yogurt Maison, Moroccan crepes, salad a la Essaouira, chermoula fish, the tagine of the day, and hot drinks.  Advanced 24H reservation required.
Address: 2 Rue Ibn Batouta Bab Marrakech, Essaouira Phone: 05247-83434

Sofitel Mogador Golf Resort & Spa Hotel

A quick 11-minute drive outside of the busy Bab Sbaa medina, you can flee the heat and break your fast by the ocean. The Sofitel Mogador is serving a traditional Moroccan ftour (harira, bissara, dates, chbakia and selou, Moroccan bread, Eggs,  Khliia tajine, Kefta dumpling tagine with tomato sauce, an assortment of briouat, cheeses, yogurts, and hot and cold beverages. Luxury resort, the Sofitel Mogador has a large swimming pool, 3 restaurants, a lounge bar, and vast terraces where to enjoy the pleasant climate of Essaouira at this time of the year. 220 MAD per person The 5-star villas and suites offer tailor-made hotel services and all have exceptional views of the Mogador Golf Course.
Address: Station Balnéaire 44000, Essaouira Phone: 05244-79400

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