5 Benefits of Hiring a Morocco Tour Guide

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What are the 5 Benefits of Hiring a Morocco Tour Guide

If you are planning to visit Morocco, you have the option to explore the destination independently or you may prefer a private, guided tour. There are significant benefits of hiring a private Morocco tour guide such as being able to personalize your itinerary, gaining cultural insight, having clear communication, flexibility, and being led by an expert who is deeply knowledgeable. A Morocco tour guide can suggest locally-owned or top-end restaurants, museums, art galleries, and important monuments that are often not included in the best guide books.

Morocco tour guides must be licensed by the Moroccan National Tourism Board (ONMT) and have been properly trained and vetted. They are multilingual, fluent English, Moroccan Arabic, Berber, and French. A Moroccan tour guide can add an extended dimension to your trip.

There are Two Types of Morocco Tour Guides in Morocco:

Moroccan Tour Guides are delineated by two different descriptions and authorizations by the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism.

#1: National Licensed Morocco Tour Guides

#2: Local, Licensed Morocco Tour Guides

What is the Difference between a National Morocco Tour Guide and a Local Morocco Tour Guide? 

National Morocco Tour Guides have a “National License” and are authorized to tour the entire country with private couples, families, and groups. Local Morocco Tour Guides have a license to host private couples, families, and groups only in the city where they have obtained their license.

Local licensed, Morocco Tour guides are experts and authorized to tour in their own city and in fact, often provide a deeper knowledge about a city’s history, given they are from the city in which they lead tours.  A Local, licensed  Moroccan tour guide is ideal for couples, families, and small groups who visit the country on a private tour since it enables them to complement their trip with a licensed tourism driver who is often knowledgable.

National Licensed Morocco Guides are highly recommended for group tours and for smaller tours, Local, Licensed Moroccan Guides are the ideal choice.

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What are the 5 Benefits of Hiring a Morocco Tour Guide?

You can Customize Your Own Itinerary

Groups tours to Morocco have their advantages as they encompass visiting a broader range of sites and are often paired with scheduled meals at hotels and shopping time; with the opportunity to meet like-minded travelers. These tours are often led by national guides yet the depth of what is experienced is limited. A private Morocco tour, on the other hand, is led by local city guides and offers more in-depth coverage of historical, architectural, and cultural sites. The experience of having a Morocco tour guide allows customization by the interest which can include extended visits at monuments, mosques and holy sites, gardens, new museums, and shopping in the souks. A private tour also offers a less scheduled and more intimate guided experience.

A Morocco Tour Guide can provide Cultural Insight through history, architecture, arts, crafts, cuisine

Each country has its own cultural norms, unique traditions, and expectations. For example, in Morocco, it is considered rude to not shake the hand of the person you are greeting, ask about their family, and engage in small conversation.  Understanding the details of this nature cannot be learned from a Morocco Guide Book. Hiring a private Morocco tour guide who is knowledgeable will enable you to avoid making embarrassing mistakes and also offer a sounding board to discuss what is acceptable within the culture. A Morocco tour guide will offer insight into the country’s history, architecture, arts, crafts, cuisine, and on may be willing to engage in a conversation about local politics, social services, and deeper aspects of the country’s norms.

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A Morocco Tour Guide can Ease Communication

When traveling to Morocco it is helpful to be able to communicate. The main three languages spoken are Moroccan Arabic, Berber dialects (Tashelhit, Tamazight & Tarifit), and French. English is also widely spoken in Morocco. A Morocco tour guide who is a fluent speaker of all three languages makes it easier for you to connect with locals. Your Morocco tour guide can translate for you in restaurants, museums, in the souks, and also when shopping.

When Touring with a Morocco Guide You are Guaranteed a Flexible Schedule

Larger Morocco tours with a national guide tend to have each day fully scheduled, with not enough time to stop and take in the more interesting sites you may come across. Meals are often included at hotels and larger, touristic restaurants, with less opportunity to experience to dine with locals or choose the restaurants. A private Morocco tour led by Moroccan local guide guarantees a flexible schedule that combined site seeing with leisure and even time to wander on your own.

A Morocco Tour Guide will offer a Tailor-made Visit and Provide Knowledge & Experience

Knowing the best things to see in Morocco and not waiting in line can be difficult, particularly with limited time. On larger tours, time is often wasted waiting in lines, visiting sites that may not be of interest, and serving the varied needs of the group. With a private Morocco tour guide, the experience of visiting Moroccan cities will be tailor-made around your interest. He or she is bound to have their finger on the pulse of new things to see and experience. Whether it is a private visit exclusively arranged for you at a garden or museum, exploring a hidden mosque or newly renovated Jewish synagogue, attending an art opening, or taking a private cooking class with a Dada Chef, having the knowledge and experience of a Moroccan tour guide cannot be overstated.  Not only are private guides knowledgeable locals who are able to make recommendations, they ask questions and design tours with you in mind.