16 Exciting Morocco Adventure Tours & Activities

16 Exciting Morocco Adventure Tours & Activities

Morocco is a fascinating culture-rich country with a unique history that has continued to attract artists, explorers and adventure travelers during the past several decades. Dignitaries like Winston Churchill visited Morocco and fell in love claiming that “Marrakesh is simply the nicest place on Earth to spend an afternoon.”  Renowned painters,  Eugène Delacroix, and Henri Matisse once called Morocco home.  Particularly Tangier, was popular with musicians, writers, and other modern day adventurers such as Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones, American author Mark Twain, writer Daniel Defoe, writer and composer Paul Bowles, and playwright Tennessee Williams. As people have continued to travel and tourism within the Maghreb’s sector grew, there became a wide range of compelling and artistic Things to do in Morocco  for travelers of all ages.

Participating in a selective mix of 16 Exciting Morocco Adventure Tours and Activities is the key to complete travel immersion. Travelers can dig in and participate in a Cooking workshop led by a Moroccan Dada Chef, take a Food Tasting Tour through the back streets of Fes, glide over the desert dunes on a Quad biking adventure, venture on a secret Side Car Ride in Marrakech or take a thrilling Hot Air Balloon Ride over the Atlas Mountains. Those who are artistically inclined can learn about leather book binding, how to draw geometric patterns or make their own brass tray, at a Craft Draft workshop .

Cultural activities in Morocco provide the ideal opportunity to experience another dimension of active travel during a Morocco Private Tour. The rise and expansion of artisan cooperatives and local experts who lead traditional workshops and classes have opened doors for couples and families to be able to travel and discover live traditions that are an essential part of Moroccan culture. Experiential tours and activities are the essence of Morocco travel in 2021.

Dada Chef Led Marrakech Cooking Class

Enrich Your Morocco Travel Journey with these Morocco Adventure Tours and Activities  

1. Sign Up for a Cooking Class in Marrakech, Led by a Dada Chef

A Cooking Class in Marrakech is the perfect thing to do  for a beginning level immersion into Moroccan Culture.  Marrakech Cooking Classes are conducted by a dada (traditional Moroccan cook) or a chef from and held at a kitchen in the medina or in a palmeraie garden setting. Classes rage from 4 hours to the entire day, with an option of an add on of wines tasting accompaniment At the end of each class, participants dine on the meal they have prepared. At a typical half-day cooking class, one learns to prepare an appetizer and a main dish, or a main dish and dessert. One of the best cooking classes in Marrakech can be enjoyed at the La Maison Arabe which caters to classes for the amateur and also professional chefs.

Cooking Class in Essaouira with Khadija

2. Experience a Moroccan Cooking Class with Khadija in a her private home in Essaouira

Cooking Classes can also be enjoyed in the coastal town of Essaouira, often referred to as Old Mogador. Options are to take a private cooking class in a Moroccan home or instead in the historic medina.  Madada Mogador hosts a regular group cooking class in former warehouse with views of the Atlantic Coast let by Mona, a Moroccan Dada Chef who learned the best from her mother, a former chef at La Mamounia in Marrakech. For a private cooking class we recommend Khadija’s cuisine where you can tailor make the dishes you want to learn and enjoy an intimate session learning about Moroccan cuisine.

Morocco Food Tour, Marrakech Tangia

3. Explore Marrakech at Sunset on a Morocco Food Tour

A food tour is a must in the bustling city of Marrakech where you can experience the sunset over Djemaa el Fna Square. You will be led on an authentic culinary journey of local Moroccan cuisine and experience a delightful variety of local Moroccan, authentic delicacies such as  two types of slow cooked lamb, tangia (a Marrakech specialty), traditional Moroccan salads , a mixture of street food dishes such as a grilled sardine sandwich, merguez, or kefta, Moroccan soup and doughnuts, fresh fruit smoothies, Moroccan pastries, roasted sheep head (optional) or spleen sandwiches.

4. Discover the Back streets of Fes on a Food Tasting Tour

Fes is the culinary capital of Morocco. A Fes Food Tour is a special opportunity to go deep in the heart of the Fes medina and discover local delicacies of the Fassis people. On a Fes Food Tour you will visit three different food souks that ofer the opportunity to try traditional Moroccan street food including dried meats, milawi, harsha, briwats, spicy sardines, spicy potato cakes, soups, olives and more. At the honey souk you will be able to taste an array of delicious wild honeys, discuss their flavors and health-giving properties and find out why honey is so important in Moroccan cooking and Islamic culture.

Domaine Zouina, Meknes Wine Tasting Tour

5. Indulge in a Wine Tasting Tour in the Meknes Countryside

Boutique Wine tasting tours are available at several Moroccan vineyards upon request in Essaouira and also the Meknes region. The Meknes region is the center of the wine industry of Morocco, with 3500 hectares of vines now producing a range of Moroccan wines Morocco’s renowned vineyards Volubilia, Chateau Roslan with Les Celliers Meknes offer up the ideal wine tasting and touring opportunity on a Morocco tour. Volubilia – Domaine de la Zouina’s Wines is a sixty-three hectare vineyard that produces some of Morocco’s best wines. Gerard Bribelin and Philippe Gervoson who fell in love with the region on a golfing adventure in 2001 own Volubilia.

Fes Pottery Cooperative, Hands-On Workshop

6. Immerse Yourself in Hands-on Workshop Fes Pottery Cooperative 

The Fes Pottery Cooperative and Zellige Tile Cooperatives in Ain Nkobi offer half day and full-day pottery immersion workshops. Workshops are lead by pottery masters whereby you will learn how to make and paint the pottery unique to Fes. You will learn the history as well as their local techniques. An English translator will be provided along with materials for you to make your own pottery. Everything you make you will be able to keep.

Quad Biking, Merzouga Sahara Desert

7. Book a Quad Biking Adventure Tour in the Moroccan Sahara Desert 

Morocco’s great Sahara desert and the coastal town of Essaouira both offer Quad Biking adventures. Morocco is ideal for quad biking with its golden color rolling Sahara sand dunes and dry, arid landscapes. The Atlantic beach and mountain mountain terrain provide the perfect atmosphere for adventure.

8. Glide Across the Sahara Desert Dunes on a Sand Board Adventure Tour 

Sand boarding across Morocco’s Great Desert Dunes is a great way to combine adventure and exploration. Sand boarding, similar to Snowboarding, takes place on actual sand dunes rather than snow covered mountains. Sand boarding in Morocco’s Desert dunes involves gliding across or down a dune while standing with ones feet strapped to a board. When Sand boarding in Morocco the equipment requires is a Sand Board, Sand Ski’s and two polls. As a traveler you will ride up the dunes in a Quad (often referred to as dune buggy) and then once on top of the dunes you will Sand Ski downwards. Sand boarding is for travelers who are relatively fit and up for high impact adventure.

Birdwatching in Oualidia

9. Go Off the Beaten Path to Bird Watching Sidi Boughaba & Oualidia

Bird watching is a past time in Morocco and can be enjoyed in several regions such as Rabat, Oualidia and also Moulay Bousslahm. A prime spot for bird watching is near the beach of Mehdia, 13 km from Kenitra and 35 km from Rabat. There is a  bird sanctuary well-situated at Sidi Boughaba and a  fresh water lake which is an important biosphere and nature reserve that hosts flocks of migratory birds. It is on the main migratory route from Europe to Sub-Saharan Africa. The lake which, is mainly fed by groundwater, is the only natural freshwater range on the northwest coast. The reserve covers an area of 637 hectares, 524 hectares are covered by forest and 113 hectares are occupied by the lake.

10. Experience a Rare Moroccan Falconry Demonstration 

Falconry is rare and fortunately can be experienced in Morocco.You can discover the secrets of the art of Falconry and some of Morocco’s Royal Birds along with various types of Falcons. Be prepared to experience a presentation by Falconry specialists of a local tribe showcasing high flying and low flying birds. A demonstration flight and the option of a special hunting tour is offered.

Hot Air Ballooning over the Atlas

11. Take a Hot Air Balloon Flight Over the High Atlas Mountains 

Take in the High Atlas at sunrise on an exclusive Hot Air Balloon excursion over the High Atlas Mountains in Marrakech. Enjoy a 1-Hour adventure balloon flight followed by a souvenir flight certificate. Go via  4×4 Land rover excursion through local Berber villages to a private tent. Enjoy a full traditional Moroccan breakfast with majestic views of the Atlas. Visit a Berber house and camel trek across the Marrakech palmeraie, then prepare yourself for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.  This adventure tour activity makes for a perfect Family Adventure.

12. Zip line Across Toubkal National Park’s Pristine Forrest  

Zip-lining across the Atlas mountains is offered a stunning estate located at the foothills of Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, just 30 minutes outside of Marrakech. The region where you will zip line abuts the pristine forests of Toubkal National Park. The Toubkal Aerial Park is built on altitude of 120 meters; it is composed of a footbridge which obtained its name from the the famous actor “Sean Connery” given a scene was shot on the footbridge and features in the film “The Man Who Would Be a King.”  The four Zip Lines are among the longest in Africa.

Side Car Ride, Marrakech, Morocco Adventure Tour

13. Take a Thrill Seeking Marrakech Side Car Ride Adventure Tour Secret Places  

Discover a Secret Marrakech on a Vintage Morocco Sidecar excursion. Explore an insiders view of Marrakech and the surrounding region. A private side car excursion options include going off the beaten path to the High Atlas, the Agafay Desert’s Stone Camp along or city adventure through the back alleys of the Marrakech medina.


Craft Draft Design Workshop, Leather Book Binding, Fes

14. Learn Geometric Drawing, How to Craft Your Own Brass Tray, or Bind a Leather Book at a Craft Draft Design Workshops in Fes:

Craft Draft Design Workshops in Fes are led by young Fassi apprentices who will use their invaluable skillset to share the history and traditions of important crafts such as Brass Etching, Leather Book Binding, Drawing Moroccan geometric patterns and Herbal Distillation.  Craft Design Workshops are organized by Hamza El Faski, a traditional craftsman and Andalusian Oud musician. He has a Master Degree in Moroccan Cultural Studies with a focus on crafts in Fes. El Faski is carrying the torch from his father, a master craftsman originally from Fes.

Sahara Desert Glamping Adventure, Agafay Desert

15. Go by 4×4 on a Sahara Desert Safari to a Luxury Desert Camp 

The Private Luxury Desert camp in Merzouga’s Erg Chebbi Dunes will be the highlight of your Moroccan experience and serves as an essential part of a Morocco Adventure Tour. What else could be more memorable than a night under the stars after a sunset camel ride and a dinner next to the fire camp while entertained by a local folkloric band?  There are several isolated luxury Sahara desert camps in the Erg Chebbi, Merzouga Sahara Desert. If you would like more privacy, then Erg Chegaga is far more exclusive and private.

Sahara Desert Classic Glamping

16. Trek Across the Sahara Desert for a Classic Glamping Experience 

A Classic Bivouac in the Sahara Desert Camp that is off the beaten path and more rustic is for the die heart desert rats. You can camp in a remote part of the Erg Chebbi, Merzouga Dunes or Erg Chegaga.