Project Feed Morocco

Project Feed Morocco is committed to enhancing the lives of villages and nomadic families across southern Morocco through sustainable feeding programs and agrarian projects. As a not-for-profit charity organization, our primary objective is to create lasting impacts by providing essential resources and fostering economic growth within these communities.

Empowering Communities: Project Feed Morocco’s Sustainable Mission

Originally established as the charity arm of Travel Exploration Morocco, Project Feed began by allocating 5% of annual profits to support Berber villages. Through initiatives such as supplying couscous, olive oil, and sugar, we have successfully fed over 1000 families to date. This initial support laid the foundation for our ongoing commitment to improving food security and economic stability in rural Morocco.

Project Feed Morocco continues to receive funding from Travel Exploration and welcomes direct donations from individuals passionate about making a difference in Morocco’s Berber villages. Our current focus includes implementing sustainable measures such as constructing livestock enclosures for sheep and goats. This initiative aims to provide a reliable source of meat for community members while promoting sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Supporting Berber Villages: Project Feed Morocco’s Charitable Initiatives

In 2024-2025 Project Feed Morocco plans to launch an organization of women workers in a Berber village. This pilot project aims to empower local women by equipping them with skills to produce products like cheese from livestock, which can be sold locally to generate income. By investing in women’s economic empowerment, we aim to create ripple effects of positive change throughout the community.