Abu-Dhabi Property Developer Launches Lifestyle Destination in Rabat

Imkan Proposes $160 M Real Estate Lifestyle Project

Rabat’s coastal enclave on the Atlantic will bear the fruits of new development. Imkan Properties, an Abu-Dhabi luxury developer, announced plans to build a lifestyle destination in the Moroccan capital. The Le Carrousel project will encompass a waterfront area with 36 promenade shops and restaurants, a five-star hotel, an outdoor mall with 120 shops and restaurants, and a residential complex offering 200 properties. The boutique housing units will be complete with yoga and meditation spaces along with a children’s playground. Companies will also be invited to arrange for their headquarters in the prime Rabat location. The development will set aside 12,000 square meters for office space rentals.

The project design was inspired by the Dutch artist MC Escher, a modern artist known for his mathematical woodcuts, printmaking, and drawings that showcase surrealism and cubism.

Le Carrousel is estimated at $160 million dollars and once it is in full effect, it has the potential to create 1100 jobs.

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