Agadir To Celebrate 16th Edition of Timitar World Music Festival, July 3rd-6th, 2019

Timitar Music Festival, Agadir

The Timitar Music Festival, one of Africa’s most anticipated music events, is returning to Morocco this July 3-6, 2019. The 16th edition will be held in the coastal city of Agadir. Timitar has reported to average 500,000 attendees annually and continues to attract top music artists from around the world. Each year hundreds of musicians play Amazigh, chaäbi, tarab, electro, reggae, folk, and jazz music. Popular artists like American Jazz pianist Randy Weston, Kabyle singer Idir, the Amazigh group Izenzaren, Moroccan artists Oudaden and Nass El Ghiwane have graced the Timitar stage in the past.

The Timitar Festival’s focus is to preserve and promote indigenous Amazigh culture and music.

The festival’s focus is to preserve and promote indigenous Amazigh culture and music. Over the years it has also become a space to nurture progressive ideas and attract intellectuals with social movement agendas. The 2019 Timitar theme will highlight contemporary music from around the world and support African youth. The festival offers internships to students who want to build solid experience in the music industry.

Timitar is directed by Brahim El Mazned. Mazned was selected by Les Aventuriers de la culture: Guide de la diversité culturelle, as one of the 100 most influential figures in sustainable cultural development.