Coldplay Advocates Humanity in Everyday Life Video Filmed in Morocco

Coldplay’s new music video Everyday Life spotlights captivating scenes from Marrakech. The young Canadian director Karena Evans focused on shooting scenes in the historic medina to convey the song’s message, the importance of humanity, togetherness, and supporting your neighbors, Everyday Life takes the British rock bands, listeners, on a visual journey into scenes from Moroccan of daily Moroccan life. The video features  traditional Moroccan women covered in hijabs supporting one another, children walking through lantern souk, Berber tribal dancing, souk scenes of men selling sweets, and Islamic prayer on the medina rooftops.

The inspiration for the song came from the Xhosan word “Ubuntu” or humanity. The short film’s subtitled narration explains “you’ll always need the next person. One hand will wash the other, and you don’t need the other hand to be clean. Ubuntu means to help your brothers and sisters even when they are strangers.”

The Everyday Life music video was also filmed in South Africa and the Ukraine.

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