David Bloch Gallery to Present Le Mer (The Sea) by Moroccan Artist Ghizlane Sahli

Ghizlane Sahli Exhibition, David Bloch Gallery

On February 14, 2020, Marrakech’s David Bloch Gallery will present Le Mer (The Sea), an exhibition by Moroccan artist Ghizlane Sahli. Her 3D coral sculptures are made from the tips of plastic bottles that she meticulously wraps with vegetable silk threads assembled by local Moroccan craftswomen. Sahli chose the word ‘alveoli’ to describe the formed modular units resembling living organism cells. The Aveoli are part of an important respiratory function and Sahli used them as a source of inspiration for the formation of her organic compositions.

The theme of the exhibition deals with the subject of transformation and metamorphosis of matter. Le Mer is the second show that Sahli will present at the David Bloch Gallery. The first was in 2018, during which he presented “Histoires de Tripes,” an exclusive series of drawings, sculptures, and bas reliefs. In her first works, Sahli’s work appeared more like an inventory of our coexistence with objects. The La Mer show aligns Sahli with ecology and puts him in the category of the Recycled Art2 artists.

Since her first exhibition at David Bloch, her career has grown internationally and she has showcased throughout major cities in Europe and the United States. Her work is also part of the collection of the Museum of African Contemporary Art Al Maaden (MACAAL) in Marrakech. La Mer will take place during the 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair commencing on February 20, 2020.

Sahli was born in Meknes and after returning from her architectural studies in Paris, she settled in Marrakech where she became enamored with embroideries and tissues. Her passions inspired her decisions to open up a textile workshop. In 2009, she received the Prize for Creation at the Trophee Couleurs. Three years later, she was commissioned by Marrakech Magazine to create a dress made from trash bags and bottles.

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