Marocopedia Is Revolutionizing Moroccan Digital TV


During the past six years, a dedicated team of journalists, filmmakers, and IT specialists traveled through Morocco’s villages and cities to gather authentic stories for a project aimed at sharing Morocco’s heritage and history with the world. The experiences have been integrated into Marocopedia, a revolutionary digital platform on Moroccan culture. The Marocopedi films can be listened to in  Darija (Moroccan Arabic) and have English subtitles. The media platform is a fusion of a digital museum and a streaming television documentary series.

Marocopedia is a revolutionary digital platform dedicated to sharing Moroccan culture.

Viewers can enjoy short films on Moroccan history, crafts, people, nature, and initiatives. The project was awarded Best Web Application of the Year 2016 by Morocco Web Awards and Best Social Innovation of the Year 2016 by MSI Awards.

Marocopedia was founded in November 2015 and is based in Rabat. The programs can be enjoyed directly on the Marocpedia website or on Youtube. They are in partnership with the United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organization, Netherlands Kingdom, and Net Med Youth.

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