New Moroccan Law Tackles the Tamazight Struggle, with 2nd Language Requirement

Tamazight Is New Graduation Requirement

Morocco’s parliament committee has voted for a new education framework. The new laws will make unprecedented history in the Northern Kingdom. Two of the laws will change how students study and communicate.

Article 31 states that upon graduation of high school, the mastery of both Arabic and Tamazight, in addition, to two other foreign languages will be required. This new law goes in hand with Article 2, which states that “scientific or technical subjects, or chapters of certain subjects (will be studied) in one or more foreign languages.”

Tamazight is the official language spoken by over 12 million members of Morocco’s indigenous Amazigh (Berber) population who live throughout Morocco, from the Northern Rif mountains to the South in Ouarzazate.

For decades, the Tamazight language has been in danger of becoming extinct. Amazigh community and language advocates have been involved in an ongoing fight to integrate the Tamazight language into Moroccan society. On June 10th, 2019 parliament voted for Tamazight to be used in all official education, government, and cultural activities.

The most recent announcement is the biggest win to date for the Amazigh community. The Minister of Education, Said Amzazi has called it a “historic moment” for Morocco.

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