The Moroccan Film, Amghar Receives Best Foreign Language Award

Moroccan Film Amghar, Best Foreign Language Award

The Moroccan Film, Amghar Awards Best Foreign Language Award

The Moroccan Film, “Amghar” received the Best Foreign Language Documentary Award at the London International filmmaker festival in March 2021. Lifting the veil on Moroccan Cultural Heritage, this one-hour documentary was produced in 2020 by Director, Bouchaib El Messaoudi. “Amghar,” means wiseman in the Amazigh language.

Messaoudi’s film is based upon a lead character named Amghar, an honest and selfless wise man who performs in various roles to solve local conflicts. The documentary film features the roles of other characters who coexist by appealing to the wisdom held by Amghar.

“Amghar” was chosen for an award in this cinematographic genre, along with seven other films at the 10th edition of the African Film Festival in Luxor, Egypt. The film was produced by Créativité pour la production Audiovisuelle and is the marks the first collaboration between a team that includes Rachid Al Hajoui (idea and decor), Tahar Abdellaoui and Issam Chahbouni (photography) and Bouchaib El Messaoudi (production).

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