United Nations UNIDO & Morocco’s Agency for Sustainable Energy Strike a Deal

18th UNIDO General Conference

United Nations sub-branch UNIDO and Morocco’s Agency for Sustainable Energy (MASEN),  have struck a deal to develop advanced renewable energies. Both agencies are strong proponents of environmental change and poverty reduction in Morocco. The project will focus on Morocco and other African countries. The goal is to create 3,000 MW of clean electricity generation capacity by 2020 and 6,000 MW by 2030. “The aim is to secure 52% of the country’s energy mix from renewable sources by 2030,” confirmed Head of MASEN Mustapha Bakkoury and UNIDO’s Director General LI Yong.

The agreement came as a result of the 18th UNIDO General Conference “Industry 2030” held in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The conference took place between November 3-7, 2019 with the intent to meet its 17 sustainable development goals over the next 10 years. These include improving living conditions by the creation of more jobs, promoting agri-business development, upgrading access to essential pharmaceutical drugs in developing countries, and improving the quality of education.

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