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Ramadan Ambiance in Morocco, Your Morocco Travel Guide

Ramadan in Morocco and other Islamic countries is an unusual time when in addition to heightened spirituality, a special atmosphere permeates the culture unlike the rest of the year. This is even more true when the month falls outside of the school year, as most of it does this year, 2010. Normal schedules are completely turned around during Ramadan, and people enjoy special foods and family celebration.

The Tchaba Tea House in Marrakech, Your Morocco Travel Guide

An unusual tea house in Marrakech is nestled between the Hivernage cafés, across from the Palais de Congrés on Avenue Mohamed VI. They specialize in designer teas, which you can enjoy in designer surroundings in this Moroccan Imperial city.

The Tchaba Tea Company was founded in the United Arab Emirates to bring high-quality health teas to the tea-drinking population. First in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the company has now opened a tea salon in Marrakech.