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Moroccan Preserved Lemons, Your Morocco Travel Guide

Preserved lemons are a staple in Moroccan cuisine and are added to slow cooking tagines, stews, and soups for a wonderful tangy lemon flavor that can not be duplicated with fresh lemons. In Morocco, these lemons can be bought individually at a souk, or marketplace, and are very easy to find given their importance in Moroccan dishes. Outside of Morocco these lemons may be found in Middle Eastern or international markets but are so easy to make many cooks decide to prepare their own preserved lemons at home.

Make the Grand Prix in Marrakech Part of Your Moroccan Holiday, Your Morocco Travel Guide

Why not make next year’s Marrakech Grand Prix part of your Moroccan travel experience?Featuring three days of non-stop action in Marrakech, and attended by nearly ten thousand visitors for the second year in a row, the race is packed with both adults and children. The entire course is well-protected by barriers and grandstands are set up in specified areas. Portable restrooms are conveniently located in all areas.

Tickets are available in all price ranges, starting as low as 2 Euros, with VIP packages running as high as 1500 Euros. Most categories of tickets sell out. The most exciting package for 400 Euros, allows attendees to take a ride in the cars, seated behind the driver, where they can experience the thrill of acceleration to 200 miles per hour in 5 seconds.

Authentic Morocco Tours With Travel Exploration Morocco, Testimonials and Trip Advice, Your Morocco Travel Guide

When considering a vacation or holiday to Morocco choosing an Authentic Morocco Tour company such as Travel Exploration Morocco that offers Testimonials and Trip Advice is an important way to begin planning a Morocco travel journey. When choosing a Morocco Travel Agency some of the most important things to consider are:
1. Reputation of the Morocco travel agency you choose. Ask for references and Morocco Testimonials to be sure you are traveling through a reputable Morocco Tour Operator.

2. The Morocco Travel Director’s experience and ability to offer you on the spot travel advice.

3. Authentic Morocco Tour Testimonials written by those who have traveled to Morocco with the agency you choose.

4. The rate of response to your Morocco travel requests by the Morocco Travel Agency.

5. Flexible and varied Morocco Tour itineraries and Morocco Travel activities that meet your holiday needs.

6. A varied offering of quality 3, 4 and 5 Star Morocco accommodations such as Marrakech Riads, Fes Riads, Ouarzazate Riads or Morocco Hotels that fit your budget.

7. ASTA Membership- The American Associate of Travel Agencies offers online references for quality Morocco Tour Operators and Morocco Travel Agencies. Make sure you travel with an agency that is a member of ASTA.

Morocco Travel Specialists & Morocco Tour Guides Offering Affordable Luxury Private Tours to Morocco & Travel Agent Services

Travel Exploration is a Morocco Tour agency that offers a unique and wide range ofMorocco travel opportunities through its boutique Morocco travel itineraries. Travel Exploration Morocco’s Director, Alecia J. Cohen heads up Morocco Travel’s New York and Ouarzazate office. Alecia J. Cohen started Travel Exploration Morocco with business partner Hossaine Amiri after living, traveling and engaging with Moroccan Culture alongside its people for nine years. Ms. Cohen was inspired to create a Morocco travel agency that offers unique, tailor-made cultural tours and customized trips to Morocco to better serve Americans, Europeans and Foreigners who are looking for affordable luxury and cultural Morocco Tours.

Chigaga 4×4 Sahara Desert Tours to the Erg Chegaga Dunes, Your Morocco Travel Guide

The Erg Chegaga Dunes of Morocco are the perfect place for a Sahara Adventure allowing Moroccan Travelers to escape the city lights and find themselves literally in the middle of no where. Erg Chegaga is considered by many to be the “real” Sahara Desert with it’s authentic rustic colored sand dunes and unique flora and fauna. Until recently cell phone coverage was not available in Chigaga and a Sahara journey to the Erg Chegaga Dunes was intended for those who wanted to discover the rocky and desolate areas of the Sahara. Historically speaking, the French and the British were primarily interested in visiting Chegaga however in the past several years that has changed. Americans, Europeans, Asians, Africans and also Moroccans who are interested in an authentic Sahara Desert adventure that takes them deep into the vast Sahara frequent Morocco’s Erg Chigaga Dunes. Centuries ago, the Sahara Desert was covered with water that flowed through and over it. Morocco’s Sahara akin to its rocky piste region of the Onila Valley and Telouet were created by the geologic submergence of water and wind that pressed up against its basalt rock and has today created some of what make up the most magnificent landscape scenery in the Maghreb.

Leading Morocco Travel Agency Offers Moroccan Jewelry & Boutique Morocco Tours, Your Morocco Travel Guide

Travel Exploration Morocco is a Morocco Travel agency that has been in business for just four years and has climbed to the forefront of the Morocco travel business through offering unique tours to Morocco. Travel Exploration Morocco has a wide variety of boutique tours to Morocco that enable travelers to have an off the beat overseas adventure travel experience while engaging in an authentic visit to the Maghreb.

Bead Your Way Through Morocco, Moroccan Jewelry & Trade Bead Treasure Hunting Tour, Your Morocco Travel Guide

Bead your Way Through Morocco is a Moroccan Jewelry & Trade Bead Treasure Hunting Tour created by Travel Exploration Morocco and hosted by Sarah Corbett, a Tribal Jewelry Expert. Travel Exploration Morocco is a Ouarzazate based Travel Agency and the first to offer this customized Moroccan Jewelry & Trade Bead Tour to Morocco with a Tribal Jewelry Expert.

Bead Your Way Through Morocco, Travel Exploration’s new quarterly Moroccan Jewelry & Bead Treasure Hunting Tour will launch it’s first Morocco travel itinerary on April 26th – May 9th, 2010. Bead Your Way Through Morocco will take Moroccan antique, trade bead enthusiasts and Moroccan jewelry collectors through a variety of Southern Moroccan cities, (Ait Ouzzine, Agdz, Tarodaunt, Tiznit) Saharan Desert Towns, (Zagora, M’hamid) the Seaside city of Essaouira and the Imperial city of Marrakech.

Morocco 4×4 Tours, 4×4 Excursions to Morocco’s Sahara Desert and 4×4 Private Morocco Travel, Your Morocco Travel Guide

Morocco 4×4 Tours offer the best way to discover the Sahara Desert & Berber Villages in the Maghreb. When visiting a country like Morocco, your journey is best served when traveling by luxury accommodations to the Sahara Desert such as a4×4 Toyota Land cruiser. A Morocco Travel journey to the Sahara Desert and Berber Villages offers the opportunity to discover old pistes (windy roads) that were once traveled through by the old caravans.Covering the routes of the old caravans and rocky Sahara Desert pistes is best done in a 4×4 when touring Morocco. A Morocco 4×4 Tour allows you as a Moroccan traveler and your family to visit tiny Berber villages and hamlets that are located throughout the country’s Sahara and Atlas Mountain regions in relative ease and comfort.

Berber Tours To Morocco, Discover Berber Villages, Ancient Kasbahs, Camel Trek in the Sahara Desert, Your Morocco Travel Guide

Berber Tours to Morocco are authentic way to Discover a Berber Village, visit ancient kasbahs and camel trek in the Sahara Desert. Discover a Berber Village is a Southern Morocco Cultural Tour that is an EXCLUSIVE Travel Exploration Morocco. Discover a Berber Village is a historical journey where Moroccan travelers can have an up close and authentic experience in a Moroccan, Berber Village while visiting the Ouarzazate and Zagora regions of Morocco. When traveling to Morocco, a Morocco vacation is not complete without visiting Morocco’s indigenous people and discovering its Berber Villages. A Berber Tour to Morocco is the most important Moroccan voyage for those who are interested in Morocco’s history and old world traditions.

Fes Festival of Sacred World Sacred Music Trip, A Travel Exploration Morocco Tour, Your Morocco Travel & Tour Guide

The 16th Edition of the Fes Festival of World Sacred World Music will take place in Fes, Morocco from June 4th -12th, 2010. Travel Exploration Morocco offers a tour to the Fes Festival for 11 Days/ 10 Nights that includes the opportunity to visit the Best of Morocco while enjoying Music at the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music. The Fes Festival of World Sacred Music Morocco Tour Itinerary gives Moroccan Travelers the opportunity to discover Morocco’s Imperial Cities in a 4×4 on a Private Morocco Tour visiting Casablanca, Marrakech, Fes, Meknes and the Roman Ruins ofVolubilis while basking their ears in International World Music alongside Traditional and Contemporary Moroccan music traditions.